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Q. How much does it cost to register? A. Registration is FREE! Although we understand not all students will want to fundraise, we are hoping that students will take advantage of this fun opportunity and register for free. Upon registering, each student will win a Dude Perfect Keychain. Our first prizes will be handed out on the 22nd, so get registered!

Q. Why are we doing a Glow Dash? A. The primary goal for this Glow Dash is to build some elementary student life opportunities! Raising funds for the school is an added bonus.

Q. What are we raising funds for? A. We are raising funds for play equipment. The focus will be on items that we can move if needed, such as an extra gaga pit. 

Q. Do we have to raise funds? A. Raising funds is optional, but encouraged. This will help the school and also earn your student prizes! 

Q. When will the run happen? A. The Glow Dash will take place on March 5, 2024. The run times are as follows. Please note we understand that the 5th & 6th graders are not on campus on this day, and this is completely optional to participate.

  • K-1 @ 1 pm
  • 2-4 @ 2 pm
  • 5-6 @ 3 pm

Q. What are the options to donate? A. You can donate on a per lap basis (capped at 35 laps) or a flat donation. For example, if you wanted to donate $1 per lap for a student, that would be a $35 donation processed on the event date.  You can also choose a flat donation of any amount. For families with multiple students, you will have the option to choose a flat donation per student. For example, you can choose $10 per student for a family of 3 for a $30 total donation. The system will clearly tell you what your total gift is before processing! 

Q. Is the Glow Dash happening on a school day? A. Yes, the Glow Dash is happening on a school day for Elementary. This will replace their normal PE time during the school day. Classroom teachers and Coach Fuller will be there to cheer them on. For 5th & 6th, this will be an off campus day and it is optional if they would like to attend their 3 pm race. 

Q. What if a student doesn’t register? A. Booster encourages all students to participate on the day of, even if they don’t register. If a student doesn’t want to run, they can cheer on their fellow classmates from the sidelines!

Q. What will happen if we reach our goal? A. If we reach our registration goal of 80%, students will earn a free dress day! If we reach our fundraising goal, students will earn an ice cream party! 

Q. How are donations made? A. Donations can be made online on a student’s fundraising page. If a donor prefers to donate by check, it can be written to Denton Calvary Academy and dropped off at the front office or mailed to 1910 E. University Drive, Denton, TX 76209

Q. What prizes can my student win? A. All prizes are Dude Perfect themed. View the prizes hereThe $30 per lap and $50 per lap prizes will be shipped directly to the student’s residence after the program is complete. This is due to the inability to correctly estimate how many will be given away during each program. Therefore, instead of keeping stock of these prizes at each school (that may not be given away) they get sent straight from Booster’s warehouse. 

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