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At Denton Calvary Academy, students in fifth through 8th grades attend classes on campus Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and work at home (the satellite classroom) following teacher-constructed assignments under the direction of their parents on Tuesday and Thursday. Students are responsible for completing the out-of-class assignments on their own time, with the counsel and supervision of parents. This structure encourages the development of good time-management and self-discipline, and therefore provides excellent preparation for college.

Denton Calvary Academy seeks to honor the Lord in each academic area offered. We use a mixture of Christian and secular textbooks. Nevertheless, all curriculum, whether from a Christian or secular publisher, is taught from a biblical world view. Refer to the booklist (located in the Resource Locker) for specific information.

Courses of Study

Sixth Grade Seventh Grade Eighth Grade
English English English
World History (the Modern Age) Texas History American History (pre-1877)
General Science Life Science Physical Science
Math Pre-Algebra or Fundamentals of Math Algebra I* or Pre-Algebra
Keyboarding Bible Survey Computer Applications I*
Elective: Art, Choir, Concert Band or Theater Arts Elective: Art, Choir, Concert Band, Theater Arts, Robotics or Into to Latin Elective: Art, Choir, Concert Band, Theater Arts, Robotics, Into to Latin, or Intro to Spanish

* Counts as High School credit.

** Math placement is determined by math grades in previous courses as well as teacher recommendation. 

Bible Instruction at Denton Calvary Academy is based on the precepts found in our Statement of Faith. Sixty-two different churches are represented in our student body. Students are taught to know, understand and explain what they believe and why they believe it. Biblical literacy, Bible verse memorization, personal devotional skills, acquisition of a Biblical worldview, and character training are goals of our Bible curriculum.

Throughout the year, middle school students have the option to participate in many extra-curricular activities. These activities provide students with opportunities to develop strong leadership / teamwork skills and to be encouraged, engaged, and challenged.

Activities include:

  • Athletics
  • Drama Club
  • The House System
  • Student Council
  • 5th Grade Retreat to Pine Cove
  • 7th Grade State Capitol Trip
  • All-School Pep Rallies
  • Summer Swim, Volleyball & Basketball Camps

Your role as a UMS secondary parent is extremely important!  Although your children are nearing adulthood, they are not yet adults, and you should not give them total responsibility for their education.  You must stay involved, continue to invest in your children and their education, and hold your children accountable.  This will take time.  Be aware of the crucial role you play.

As parents of Middle School (5th-8th) students, you will serve as a:

Guide for Dependent Study:
Students are at a dependent age where disciplined study habits must be developed through positive encouragement and through the student’s growing awareness of personal consequences.  You are to make certain that your son or daughter keeps up with the course material assigned and communicate to the instructor if difficulties should arise.  In some cases, private tutoring might be necessary.  In order for these classes to be successful, parents should consistently help their child achieve the stated unit goals by supervising study, insuring that assignments are completed in a timely fashion, reviewing and discussing content, and helping the student remain organized and orderly with study materials.

You must know your children and understand their abilities so that you will know how to help and what supervision to offer.  Help them to understand what it means for them to study independently.  It is important to remember that this will be different for every child. (Not all students are ready for independence at the same age or grade level. Do not give too much independence too soon). Review their assignment sheet with them.  Make sure they understand what is expected and ask if there are any questions, and allow them to attempt the assignment on their own.  If help is needed, be available to assist.  It is important to closely monitor their completion of assignments and their comprehension and progress in the class throughout this time to determine if more supervision and assistance is needed.

Given that a core goal of DCA is to train students in Godly character with consistency and loving accountability. In addition to daily chapels and classes taught from a Biblical worldview, DCA requires 7th grade students to take a Bible survey class. In this class, students cover a range of topics, beginning with an overview of the Bible in which students build a basic foundation in the story of the Bible as a whole in order to have a “big picture” of both the Old Testament and New Testament. Bible study methods are introduced in order to teach students how to study the Bible for themselves through observation, interpretation, and application. They then turn their attention to learning the Gospel of Jesus Christ through a study of the Beatitudes. As a means of application, students end the year by considering Spiritual Gifts and Spiritual Disciplines such as prayer, service, fasting, and solitude.

Regarding Curriculum…

When choosing a textbook, DCA’s goal is to put the very best resource into our students’ hands. We select Christian textbooks when they meet the highest academic standards. However, if a secular textbook does a better job of meeting the rigorous content requirements of a specific course, it may be our choice. Because textbooks are tools in teaching, they do not make up the entirety of the course. Our instructors are the key to much of our Biblical integration. They daily model their Love of God and His word and naturally impart this when teaching their subject matter. At DCA, students are challenged and equipped to think Biblically and critically throughout every academic discipline.

Denton Calvary Academy is a private Christian school, however, we are not affiliated with a specific denomination, and our students represent many different denominational backgrounds.

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