Our Team

Athletics Office

Jay Helzer
Athletics Director
Varsity Boys Basketball

Liz Helzer

Athletics Coordinator


Our Athletics Philosophy

Calvary athletics helps to fulfill the mission of the school by teaching the Christian way of competing expressed through our core vision for athletics:

  • Play for God’s glory
  • Be leaders on campus and in our community
  • Have fun, play smart, play hard
  • Overcome adversity with Christ-likeness
  • Relentlessly pursue righteousness
  • Develop a love and desire to please God
  • Work hard
  • Serve others
  • Respect authority

The Calvary Athletic Department acknowledges that God is the priority in our school, followed by family, academics, and finally, athletics. When this order is followed, it will result in student-athletes who are balanced spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Since Calvary athletes are representatives of their team, their school, their community, and more importantly, God, Calvary athletics is committed to developing each individual’s character and self–esteem. In addition, a proper perspective on winning and losing consistent with glorifying God is maintained. Calvary athletes will be humble in victory, and courageous in defeat. Winning is defined as reaching the maximum potential by giving great effort as an individual, and as a team. Individually, the DCA athletic department wants the athletes to have the mindset of constant improvement of their game and be mentally tough. As a result, maximum effort is given to training and preparation that leads to as much individual accomplishment as God will allow.

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