As Denton’s only University-Model school, DCA offers families the gift of time by blending professional instruction with parental oversight to give students a successful, college-preparatory education set in a Christian environment. We are a Christ-centered community that seeks to affirm, encourage and equip families as we work together to educate the hearts and minds of our students.


DCA provides a rigorous, college-preparatory program taught with an integrated biblical world-view.

Our fine arts programs help students to develop the confidence to perform and speak in public.


We believe that athletics programs should be designed to develop character and integrity in our students.

A Community Like No Other

Thanks in part to our collaboration with the home, our modest size and our many activities and organizations in which students and families can get involved and play an important part, the culture of DCA is more than a community. We are family.

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Education of the whole child is who we are…

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School Lunches

Once again, we are offering Chick-fil-a and Pizza for lunch, thanks to the fundraising efforts of the Junior and Senior classes. Thank goodness! See details below: Pizza Day: Secondary - Wednesday is Pizza Day for secondary students. The junior class is offering $5.00...

New Secondary Teachers

It's always exciting to see new faces on our campus, and we're thrilled to introduce our newest DCA faculty members. Be sure to give a huge welcome when you see them! From left... Marie Wasson, 6th Grade History Mrs. Wasson will be taking over as our 6th grade history...

New Elementary Teachers

There will be four new faces around campus on Elementary days this fall. We'd like to introduce them to you, so y'all can extend a warm Calvary greeting to them when you see them. We love it when Calvary parents join our teaching staff as they understand first-hand...

Nice Words

What folks are saying…

“DCA is more than a school. It is family. Having teachers, coaches, and staff, walk alongside us as parents to teach our children a Christian world view as they learn to navigate life is a blessing beyond what we could have ever imagined. DCA truly partners with parents in raising children into adults who are servant hearted, life long learners, who love the Lord, and stand firm in their beliefs.”

Dustin & Tracy McCarty

DCA Parents of 4

“We are starting our 3rd year at Calvary, and it’s one of the best decisions we’ve made. Our children (4th and 1st) are challenged academically and, at the same time, God’s Word is woven into their lessons.”

Jennifer Wardlaw

DCA Parent

“The University-Model structure of DCA really taught me that I have to manage my time wisely to get things done. I think that’s been a huge help and why I’ve been successful in college.”

Cara Hannegan

DCA Class of 2016 & Baylor University Student

“I love the flexibility of the University-Model schedule at DCA! It allows me to pursue my love for dance and also maintain excellent academics.”

Braylyn Voller

DCA Student

“I recently graduated from DCA and could not have loved it more. The teachers care about their students and are willing to help with anything. I highly recommend this school if you want a Christ-centered, character-focused, and mentor-filled school.

Hannah Gregory

DCA Class of 2017

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