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At Denton Calvary Academy, students in Kindergarten through 4th grades attend classes on Tuesday and Thursday and work at home in their satellite classroom on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with the direction of parents.

In addition to classroom instruction, on-campus days for elementary students include integrated Biblical teaching, music, art, library, and P.E. Kindergarten-3rd grade parents are responsible for monitoring, reinforcing, and grading lessons provided by the classroom teacher on MWF. In general, parents of 4th grade students are responsible for monitoring, grading, and ensuring mastery of concepts, but teachers will assign more independent work in this grade. The time spent at home helps to ensure academic gaps are covered from a young age and allows parents to be directly involved in their child’s education.

Denton Calvary’s Elementary School program is designed to prepare K thru 4th-grade students to be successful Christian thinkers who love to learn and to partner with parents in all stages of their child’s academic and spiritual development.

The curriculum is taught from a Biblical worldview and generally consists of the following (depending on grade level):

  • Language Arts: BJU English, All About Reading, All About
    Spelling, Zaner Bloser Handwriting, Novels
  • Mathematics: BJU
  • Science: BJU
  • History: Story of the World

Additional Classes:

  • Bible lessons integrated in the classroom
    and provided in chapel teachings
  • Art (1 day a week)
  • Music (1 day a week)
  • P.E. (2 days a week)
Throughout the year, elementary school students have the option to participate in many activities. These activities provide students with opportunities to be encouraged, engaged, strengthened and challenged:

• Musical performances (Grandparents Day, Christmas Chapel, Fine Arts Program)
• Field Trips
• All-School Pep Rallies
• Mini-Lion Cheer Camp
• Lions2Cubs Buddy Day

In the elementary grades, students start each on-campus day with a short chapel service. This 15-minute service starts the day with a brief Bible or character lesson that furthers our mission of nurturing students to
reflect the character of Christ.

Additionally, students are given opportunities to show love in the
community through service projects each fall and spring semester.

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