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2018-2019 Tuition & Fees

We are committed to making an education at Denton Calvary as affordable as possible for our families. With tuition rates significantly less than comparative private schools in the area combined with the flexibility of the university model, the value of an education at DCA is hard to match.

→ You’ll find a printable version of our Tuition and Fees schedule that outlines specific course fees here.

Elementary Tuition (K-5th)



What’s Included:

K – 3rd


Tuition covers all-day Tuesday/Thursday schedule (8:15 – 3:30), which includes PE, music, art & art supply fee in addition to core classes.





Secondary Tuition (6th-12th)


Approximate Tuition*

What’s Included:



Approximate tuition covers all-day Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule (8:45 – 3:45), however, athletics is not included. Refer to the Tuition and Fees schedule for athletics fees.

*Tuition may vary based on electives chosen. Opting to take classes via dual-credit or transfer credit will also affect the tuition rate.














Registration & Application Fees

Registration Fees for Returning Families:

  • Registration Fee: $400 per student, due upon re-enrollment (if received February 24th – March 9th)
  • Early Registrants receive a $75 discount per student if received no later than Feb. 23rd at 3:00 pm.
  • There is a $200 late fee for registration is received after March 9th @ 3:00 pm
  • Building Fee: $350 per student, not to exceed $900 per family. May be paid in combination with tuition.

Admissions Fees for New Families:

  • Application Fee (1st-12th): $225 per student, due upon application submission
  • Application Fee (Kindergarten): $100 per student, due upon application submission
  • Registration Fee: $400 per student, due upon acceptance and enrollment
  • Building Fee: $350 per student, not to exceed $900 per family. May be paid in combination with tuition.
  • Testing Fee (if required): $50 per student

Installment Plan Fee (FACTS): An annual $45 per family per year fee is charged for families paying tuition on a monthly basis.

Please note that all application, re-enrollment, and athletic fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Tuition Information
  • Tuition does not include all costs that may be incurred by the family. Additional costs include books, uniforms, extra-curricular activities, and other miscellaneous expenses.
  • The tuition may be paid in full when paid by the first Monday in September, in 2 payments made in September and January, or in 12 equal payments, the first of which is due on June 1 before the upcoming school year, and the first of each month thereafter through May 1.
  • Tuition accounts are processed by FACTS, a tuition management service. All DCA families must have an active FACTS account. The cost to budget your monthly payment plan is a nominal and nonrefundable FACTS Enrollment Fee of $45 per family per year.
Tuition Assistance

DCA offers tuition assistance to qualified families with financial needs that would prevent enrollment of their children without such assistance. DCA has contracted with FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment to assist us in our financial aid process. Families may apply for Financial Aid online through FACTS anytime between the beginning of re-enrollment in February and the first Friday in April. Following submission of all required documents, FACTS will provide its report to the school. Award decisions are not made by FACTS, but by the organization providing the scholarship. There are no guarantees of financial aid as it is only available as scholarship funds are available. Receipt of award is not guaranteed and will not exceed 50% of academic tuition.


  • Financial aid is only available for current full-time students at DCA. Student must be currently enrolled in Denton Calvary Academy for a minimum of one year with a current account balance.
  • Financial aid will appear as a credit on the student’s academic tuition account only. Therefore, it is non-transferable, non-refundable and may not be used for any purpose other than academic tuition expense;
  • Financial aid may be revoked at any time for failure to keep tuition payments current. Failure to keep tuition payments current could result in expulsion from Denton Calvary Academy with 100% of the remaining tuition being due.
  • Financial aid may be revoked in light of disciplinary or other academic actions against a student as set forth in the School’s Parent/Student Handbook.
  • Students are required to remain in good standing with Denton Calvary Academy in areas of academics, behavior, and community service.
  • Families receiving aid are required to inform the school’s administration of any change in financial status which may positively or negatively impact their financial aid status.
  • Financial aid cannot be granted to families who have not fully met financial obligations to any other school;
  • Financial aid is only available as funds are available—qualifying for financial aid does not guarantee receipt of financial aid; and if in the process of enrollment, a family applies for financial aid and either does not qualify for aid or if funds are not available (resulting in the student not being able to re-enroll in the academy), the family will not be held liable for any tuition and/or fees already paid for the upcoming school year and a full refund of any monies paid will be granted in accordance with DCA’s general refund policies.
  • Financial aid applicants may apply online anytime between the beginning of re-enrollment in February and the first Friday in April.

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