1st – 4th Summer Reading


Your Guide to Summer Reading…

Summer is finally here! After nine months of hard work, you can relax with your family and enjoy all that a lazy summer afternoon has to offer. We would like to challenge you, though, to keep your brains sharp this summer by reading over the break. This is going to be simple and rewarding. Our goal is that students who participate will develop a love of books and learning and will maintain – and improve – their growing reading skills. Students will also receive an invitation to a celebration shortly after school begins.

Summer reading for students going into 1st-4th grades is strictly an optional “assignment”, but we want to encourage your family to participate.  “Reading aloud may be the single most powerful contribution a parent can make to a child’s success in school” (William F. Russell, author of Classics to Read Aloud to Your Children). So, if you would like to stretch your mind with good literature, travel to unknown places, and meet some fascinating characters, then we look forward to celebrating with you in August! Don’t think of it as an assignment, think of it as an adventure!

Note that summer reading for 5th grade is required – not optional. Students are asked to choose one book to read over the summer.  We will use this book for one of our first assignments of the year, where we will learn how to write a book review. In addition to this book / book review, we will also begin our first literature selection for 5th grade so our summer reading will keep us from having the load of 2 books at one time.

Here’s how it works:

Parents/students should choose books from the lists on the right based on the grade the student will be going into.  Grades 1-4 should print and fill out the “Look What I Read” form on the right and bring it back the first week of school. These lists are based on grade level interest but family read-alouds can cross over from grade to grade.

Be encouraged and encourage your student…summer reading will help your student maintain those hard-won reading skills!

A Note about Writing: Let’s stay sharp here as well!

Make sure you are practicing your handwriting. Remember the 4 keys!

Suggestions for fun writing activities over the summer:

  1. Keep journaling about your summer adventures.
  2. Letter writing to family / friends.
  3. Free writing – write an adventure story and draw a picture to match.
  4. Write a summary of a book you read to tell what happened.