It’s always exciting to see new faces on our campus, and we’re thrilled to introduce our newest DCA faculty members. Be sure to give a huge welcome when you see them! From left…

Marie Wasson, 6th Grade History

Mrs. Wasson will be taking over as our 6th grade history teacher this fall. She is the mom of four daughters, one who graduated from DCA in 2016, and 2 who will be joining us this fall – Anna, 10th and Sarah, 6th. Marie has a Master’s degree in Social Work and more than a decade worth of teaching experience and hopes that through their study of history this year, students will “learn about HIStory in such a way that it expands their understanding of our world.”

Maggie Soulier, Journalism/Yearbook

An established photographer, Maggie will bring her expertise to DCA as our new Yearbook teacher. It was really only a matter of time until Maggie joined our ranks, as she’s the last hold-out in her family to do so. Her daughters – Grace (10th) and Caroline (7th) – both attend DCA, and her husband, Ryan, is the head Varsity Soccer coach.

Mandy Wright, Spanish II

Mandy Wright, mom of Kate (7th), Gwen (4th), and Maggie (1st), will be sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm for Spanish with our juniors in Spanish II. Her past experience includes a Master’s Degree from Texas Tech and teaching at the junior college level.

Paul Tanis, Government & Economics

The Tanis’ are one of DCA’s founding families, having had two boys attend and graduate from DCA (Class of 2006 and 2016). We’re tickled pink to have Paul back on campus. Mr. Tanis will be drawing upon his experience as a small business owner to instruct our seniors in Government and Economics.

Jennifer Middleton, Psychology, Co-Head Cheer Coach

As one of the head cheer coaches for the past two years, Jennifer isn’t new to the DCA staff, but she is taking on a new role in the classroom this fall. In addition to teaching our senior-level Psychology class, coaching, being mom to DCA students, Whitley (11th) and Libby (9th), she’ll also be teaching at her other job, the UNT Social Work department. Whew! She’s a busy lady!

Lynn Calmes, Sophomore English

Lynn spent quite a bit of time in the classroom last year as one of our favorite subs. She’ll be taking on a permanent position as our sophomore English teacher this fall. With prior experience teaching both 8th and 11th grade English, and the knowledge she’s gained in her 4 years as a DCA parent (Haley, 9th & Zachary, 8th), the transition is sure to be a smooth one, and we feel blessed to have her join our staff.

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